MP4Fix repairs mp4

The App was designed to recover MP4 files. MP4Fix will not help to fix other video formats like AVI, MKV, FLV because every file format is specific. Nevertheless there are two exceptions: 3GP and MOV formats.

MP4Fix repairs 3GP format

You can give MP4Fix a try if you have 3GP files. 3GP file format is enough similar to MP4 to be repaired by MP4Fix.

MP4Fix repairs MOV format sometimes

Try to fix crashed MOV file with MP4Fix. Presently the App repairs successfully only some MOV videos.

Send us MOV file unrecoverable with MP4Fix and we will fix it for free

Nowadays we are improving MP4Fix and want it to repair MOV format videos as good as MP4 format files. Therefore we collect broken MOV files (unrecoverable with MP4Fix) to have a closer look at the file structure. Be our contributor – send us your broken MOV file that can’t be repaired with MP4Fix and we will try to repair it for you for free.

How to contribut:

You can help us to serve MOV file format in the future versions of MP4Fix!
Send at

  1. your broken MOV file (unrecoverable with MP4Fix)
  2. another file (the same format) correctly recorded using the same App on the same phone.
  • MP4Fix needs the correctly recorded file to repair the broken file, read why: Broken MP4-learn about reasons and find solution.
  • If your files are large use some cloud platform (Google Drive/Dropbox etc.).
  • What’s important, You can be sure that we will use your files to repair your broken video and to improve MP4Fix only (sorry, no YouTube career with us;) .
  • Finally, we will do the job for free and we will do our best. Nevertheless we can’t warrant that the file will be fixed.


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