Read Question and Answer section if you have any doubts using MP4Fix. All questions come from MP4Fix users and were answered by MP4Fix supporters on e-mails ( and on Google Play review section.

There’s no such thing as a stupid question!


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When and how to change correctly recorded file?

I don’t have the correctly recorded video. Will MP4Fix work?

My broken video wasn’t find. How to select my crashed video?

Who can see my repaired video? Is it safe?

Why my video recorded with screen recorder is not fixed?

The audio works but I can’t see my video! How to fix it?

I’ve got a rotated video. How to keep portrait/landscape rotation?

My fixed video is too short? Why? Can I recover the rest?

Will I get a better result than I see on free Preview if I pay?

Will I have to pay again if I uninstall and reinstall MP4Fix?

MP4Fix is repairing my broken file very slow. Is it OK?

Does MP4Fix fix only MP4 format? What about 3GP and MOV?


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3 thoughts on “Question and Answer-check out MP4Fix common questions list

  1. Johann Reply

    I cannoy fix my 3gp format video, but the later version allow me to fix it.

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