Read Question and Answer section if you have any doubts using MP4Fix. All questions come from MP4Fix users and were answered by MP4Fix supporters on e-mails ( and on Google Play review section.

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Not enough free space on the phone to repair my large broken mp4new!

When and how to change correctly recorded file?

I don’t have the correctly recorded video. Will MP4Fix work?

My broken video wasn’t find. How to select my crashed video?

Who can see my repaired video? Is it safe?

Why my video recorded with screen recorder is not fixed?

The audio works but I can’t see my video! How to fix it?

I’ve got a rotated video. How to keep portrait/landscape rotation?

My fixed video is too short? Why? Can I recover the rest?

Do I pay for Premium Features per file or just once?

Will I get a better result than I see on free Preview if I pay?

Will I have to pay again if I uninstall and reinstall MP4Fix?

MP4Fix is repairing my broken file very slow. Is it OK?

Does MP4Fix fix only MP4 format? What about 3GP and MOV?


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38 thoughts on “Question and Answer-check out MP4Fix common questions list

  1. Johann Reply

    I cannoy fix my 3gp format video, but the later version allow me to fix it.

  2. Duvan gonzamdz Reply

    Buen día, como hago ya repare mi video pero solo escucho el audio pero no la imagen, como recuperó la imagen

  3. Brandon Vidaurre Reply

    El video se repara pero en 0%
    Con temporizador 00:00 que hago?

    • Magda Post authorReply

      Hi Brandon Vidaurre,
      I’m sorry if MP4Fix didn’t repair your video straightaway.
      Please contact us at attaching system logs to your message (send email from the application “report problems” when you finish repairing the file). Please mention that we communicate via comment section on website.
      We are happy to help.

  4. Afzaal Reply

    Dear thanks for your help by this app.
    I little problem which I’m facing.
    I recovered a video which was 42 mits but I can get only 31 mint….exact part of video was missing….please help

  5. Seobi Reply

    Hi, I recently paid for your app’s “premium feature” of MP4 fix video repair tool. But It was an accident purchase. Could I please get refund.It would be awesome If i get refund from my recent purchase. However overall, You made such an amazing app. Keep up the good work. thank your for your time to read my comment!

    • Magda Post authorReply

      Hi Ross, I’m not sure what is the issue.
      MP4Fix doesn’t require any password.
      Could you please contact us at and give us some details – what happened?
      Please mention that we communicate via Q&A section on MP4Fix website.
      We are happy to help:)

  6. Yuda Reply

    Hi, my video can’t be repaired. Tha app said that my internal storage or sd card might be corrupted. What should i do?

    • Magda Post authorReply

      Hi Yuda,
      If the problem with broken files appears often, You might double check your phone for hardware problems with SD card/internal memory.
      MP4Fix works if your videos are broken because of video application crashed, dead battery, lack of space.
      MP4Fix is not designed to fix hardware problems (This information can be found in description of MP4Fix on Play Store) ) but sometimes it works.
      Steps to take:
      1.remove the SD card
      2. The SD card can be inserting to the computer (through the adapter).
      3. Check if there are any large temporary file on SD card.
      4. In case you’re able to get crashed file that is not 0kB (by recovering some temporary files) MP4Fix may be able to fix it.
      5. Copy the broken file to a new SDcard before using MP4Fix.
      Also, you might like to change your SD card to the new one to prevent future problems with damaged files.
      Good luck!

  7. ikhlas Reply

    Hi guys.

    Im succes to fix my video, but suddenly I try to move the video that repaired to my laptop.. and i cant to watch that video.. “unknown error:

    How can i watch that video again? the format change to mp4fix.mp4

    • Magda Post authorReply

      To save your repaired videos Premium Features is necessary.
      You might try to watch your video on VLC – this video player provides probably the best codec support.

    • Magda Post authorReply

      Hi Bapin,
      The MP4Fix Video Repair Tool is 100% private. MP4Fix does not transfer any parts of crashed, working and fixed video files. Only statistics (file size, format, name) are gathered.
      The video is repaired on a smartphone with MP4Fix app installed and can be watched only there.
      Please find more info in Q&A section:

  8. Ahmad Reply

    Sir after repair crypt video file 37min long . I m decided to uninstall mp4fix video repair tool software my repair file is also gone when I uninstall app.. and main crypt video del before .. so both video,s are gone .. and I m using backup recovery software unfortunately not be recover my lost data .. so my repair video is permanent gone from ur software.. Over all best app its help me alot .. Admin .. Does this app harm our privacy yes or no .. w8ing for ur positive response.. …….?

    • Magda Post authorReply

      Hi Ahmad, The MP4Fix Video Repair Tool is 100% private. MP4Fix does not transfer any parts of crashed, working and fixed video files. Only statistics (file size, format, name) are gathered.
      The video is repaired on a smartphone with MP4Fix app installed and can be watched only there.
      Please find more info in Q&A section on our website:

  9. Ahmad Reply

    I’ll send u my problem guys ur team can’t be respond via email or here waiting for ur positive response..

    • Magda Post authorReply

      Hi Ahmed,
      I’ve already answered your email. Please check your mailbox.

  10. Amit raj Reply

    Paid ur premium fee but still couldn’t download my video from the app. Why is there a problem

    • Magda Post authorReply

      Hi Amit,
      I’ve already answered your email. It looks like a payment problem. Please find detailed info in your mailbox.

  11. anthony sanchez Reply

    the APP worked great! I look forward to leaving a great review. However when I click save it went to ” storage/emulated/0/Android/data” ETC. but when I look in my files on my phone I do not see that path and my phones gallery does not see the video or path . I can only play it with your app. Do i need to jail break my phone or something?

    • Magda Post authorReply

      Hi Nitro,
      I’m happy to hear you have a long list of recovered files:)
      This function is on our “todo” list and will be done in the future.

  12. Sreeyesh c Reply

    Worst app used. I used to the paid version for premium features and it still it couldn’t reapir the corrupted mp4. After so many attempts n diffrnet reference files all I got was an ERROR! Pathetic app. I want my money back!!

    • Magda Post authorReply

      Hi Sreeyesh,
      your purchase was refunded immediately as we received your email.

  13. Astrbr Reply

    hi mp4fix, can this apk be run offline, and when I uninstall the apk from my handphone all the statistics collected in your database will be automatically deleted.

    Thank You.

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