If there is no more data even MP4FIX can’t fix more

When the repaired video is short/shorter than expected, it probably means that more data wasn’t saved. There is no more data in the file that MP4Fix could repair. 

Clear proof

Please, check the size of the fixed file. If the file is much smaller than other video with the same length (expected length), It’s because there is unfortunately less data. 

You fixed crashed video but it’s short

There is nothing more MP4Fix can do for your video.  Nevertheless, you sometimes wonder whether the glass is half full or half empty…


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6 thoughts on “My fixed video is too short? Why? Can I recover the rest?

  1. Suraj Kumar Reply

    Hello…This is Suraj… I recorded a video in AZ screen Recorder but after fix by the MP4 the video was short…I need ur help…can I rectify full video

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