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Sometimes there is not enough space on smartphones for MP4Fix to repair large broken mp4 in an ordinary way. As a rule MP4Fix creates new, additional files for fixed videos and leaves broken videos untouched. Therefore some additional space on your phone memory or SD card is necessary to repair broken videos.

Read Broken mp4 – learn about reasons and find solution if you would like to understand why the correctly recorded file is necessary to repair a broken video with MP4Fix.

Since now you had two solutions to deal with mentioned lack of space on your phone:

  • freeing up necessary space
  • adding additional micro SD card.

Both works well if they are possible. But what if you can’t free up enough space or maybe don’t have enough space on your phone at all? What if your smartphone doesn’t work with additional micro SD card?You might think about using new MP4Fix solution then.

Meet new solution – overwriting

In Spring, 2019 MP4Fix releases a new feature that allows to repair large broken mp4 without having additional free space on smartphones. It requires purchasing of Premium Features.

Read Will I get a better result than I see on free preview if I pay? to know more about Premium Features.

How overwriting works?

If you have not enough free space on your smartphone to repair your corrupted video  MP4Fix informs you about that and gives you an option to repair your large broken mp4 with overwriting.

Not enough free space on the phone to repair a large broken mp4, MP4Fix App screenshot

With overwriting your original large corrupted video is modified and repaired, therefore:

  • you don’t need to have any more free space to save your repaired file
  • you supposed to be able to repair as large broken mp4 as almost the whole internal storage on your smartphone.
Overwriting is irreversible

Furthermore, bare in mind that overwriting changes can’t be reverted. It means that your large broken mp4 is turned into a new repaired file and you can’t retrieve your corrupted video any more.

Thus we deeply recommend you to:

  • backup your broken file
  • double check the correctly recorded video that MP4Fix is choosing for you

Not enough free space on the phone to repair a large broken mp4, choose correctly recorded video, MP4Fix App screenshot

Read more about the correctly recorded video to successfully repair the broken file with MP4Fix: When and how to change the correctly recorded file?

Lack of free space on your phone to repair your big precious broken video?
It’s over with overwriting!



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