The correctly recorded video is a must

Most of all, it is truly necessary to have the correctly recorded video file recorded with the same settings, on the same device. Read the article Broken MP4 – learn about reasons and find a solution to find out why MP4Fix needs working file.

Record the correctly recorded video – it’s simple

You can record such video  easily. Simply, use the same device as with the broken video (probably it’s your smartphone) to record the correctly recorded file. It is not important how long is the working video or what is recorded. Therefore it can be even 20 seconds video showing the wall or your cat if you have one.

Also, read how to change the correctly recorded video and successfully repair the broken file with MP4Fix: When and how to change the correctly recorded file?

MP4Fix won’t repair broken file  without the correctly recorded file

Finally, if the correctly recorded file doesn’t exist and you can’t record it, MP4Fix won’t be able to repair the broken video 🙁


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3 thoughts on “I don’t have the correctly recorded video. Will MP4Fix work?

  1. N Reply

    I already paid and still npt premium or can save a file!!! ! I will report this to the play store if not solved immediately!!!

    • Magda Post authorReply

      Hi N,
      I’ve already answered your email.
      Let’s stay in touch.

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