Change a correctly recorded file

If audio of your repaired file works and you can’t see the video it probably means that your correctly recorded file is wrong. The correctly recorded video may be in a different format than the broken video or is recorded with a different application.

Try changing the working video to a video correctly recorded on the same device using the same app (same version and settings) as the broken one.

Please read When and how to change the correctly recorded file? to find out how to change correctly recorded file and fix your file perfectly.

Change your video player

If changing the correctly recorded file didn’t work, you may still try some other video players. We recommend  VLC (it provides probably the best codec support).

If there are audio data only even MP4Fix can’t fix the video

Sometimes crashed camera doesn’t save video data (audio only). Please, check the size of the file. If your file is significantly smaller than other video with the same length that’s the case. It means that unfortunately there is  no more video data in the file that MP4Fix could repair for you.


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4 thoughts on “The audio works but I can’t see my video! How to fix it?

  1. Alex Reply

    Tried several correctly recorded videos already (took them some time later with the same app), none of them works. I can hear the sound, but don’t see the video itself. File size ist big, almost 3 GB (11:28 min), so it contains video data. Have no explaination why it doesn’t restore it, as it is supposed to be. Tried another software, it produced a 30 min file with information about format and so on and said it worked; but…no. Not a single video player shows it. If I use this file with MP4FIX, the app tells me: video is working correctly, MP4FIX can’t help.

    Any other idea except from using another correct file to get the working header?

    Thx in advance

    • Magda Post authorReply

      Hi Alex,
      It doesn’t sound promising…
      If the file is really important to you and it’s OK for you to share the file you can contact us at Please mention that we communicate via comment section on MP4Fix website.

  2. विक्रम सिंह Reply

    श्री मान, मैंने मेरे मोबाइल फोन से एक 43 मिनट का वीडियो का निर्माण किया, लेकिन वो वीडियो 11 मिनट की रिकॉर्डिंग तक सही चला उसके बाद सिर्फ ऑडियो चल रहा है, वीडियो नहीं चल रहा, मैंने एमपी4 फिक्स ऐप से भी सुधार का प्रयास किया लेकिन सुधार नहीं हुआ। कृपया मेरी समस्या का समाधान करें।

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