Free Preview shows you the same video as you get with Premium Features

Paid version of MP4Fix works exactly the same way as the free preview. Thus, please don’t expect any better results with Premium Features. Premium Features gives you the same repaired file and more options:

    • watch fixed video comfortably on full screen
    • save fixed video forever
    • share fixed video with family and friends
    • overwriting feature.

Please read Not enough free space on the phone to repair my large broken mp4 to find out more about overwriting feature.

If you are not satisfy with Free Preview repair your crashed file again

If you are not satisfied with your fixed Previewed video do not buy Premium Features!

Instead try to fix your corrupted file again using other correctly recorded video. Hopefully the next trial gives great result shown on Preview. Finally go for Premium Features to save and share perfectly repaired video.

Please read When and how to change the correctly recorded file? to find out how to change correctly recorded file and fix your file perfectly.


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