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Recording videos with your phone is such an easy way to capture your special moments. Unfortunately sometimes you can’t play the freshly recorded video . Many different reasons prompt to broken mp4.

MP4Fix app specialises in recovering videos corrupted by:

  • Dead battery
  • Camera App crash
  • Running out of space on a phone internal storage or SD Card.

Phone videos are no joke!

Videos recorded on a phone may be lengthy, boring or have a photobombers in the background. But we still love them, share them and watch them over and over again. Isn’t it strange? The super power of our mobile videos is their authenticity. They show our real lives and let us to save precious memories for longer.

Three main reasons why videos gets broken – all fixed by MP4Fix

It’s so frustrating when you can’t play the freshly recorded video. What happened? What’s now?

There are 3 main reasons why we find broken mp4 on our phones. 

Dead Battery

Your phone unexpectedly turned off and didn’t manage to save the video properly. Normally, when you stop recording the video “header” containing information about the video is saved. If the recording is interrupted by the phone turning off the “header” is not saved. You can’t play video without “header” . As a result you get “Cannot play video” message or black screen when trying to open the video.

Camera crash

You were recording video when the Camera App crashed. You’ve got an “Unfortunately, Camera has stopped” message. Camera App crash may make the video “header” contain partial, invalid data or it may get lost altogether. All in all, you get “Cannot play video” message or black screen when trying to open the broken mp4.

No space

You got “Storage space running out” system notification. During the recording there was not enough space left to completely save your video file. This time the “header” doesn’t get saved correctly because there is not enough space to save it. Also, there is not enough space to recover the file too. Therefore remember to free up some space before running MP4Fix.

How MP4Fix work?

MP4Fix can successfully repairs mp4 files broken for all three reasons described above.

To repair a broken file MP4Fix inspects “header” from other correctly recorded file. Such file has to be recorded on the same device using the same app as the broken video. The length of the correctly recorded video doesn’t matter.

In conclusion: you need to have correctly recorded file on your phone to fix the broken video with MP4Fix.

Corrupted memory hardware – difficult cases

Corrupted memory hardware may cause damages to your videos. 

Signs of memory corruption:

  • You can play only part of the video
  • Playback is interrupted, you see colourful stripes
  • Video gets worse each time you play it.

It’s usually possible to recover at least parts of the video broken by corrupted internal memory or SD card. So, it’s always worth trying!

Before you use MP4Fix move the broken mp4 file to a different, working SD card or different phone.

MP4Fix does not support repairing broken mp4 downloaded from the Internet.

 Video files downloaded from the Internet may get corrupted because of network connection issues or may use codec not supported by Android. In both cases it’s impossible to play such files. Unfortunately MP4Fix can’t repair such files because:

  • There is not enough data in the partially downloaded file
  • Downloaded videos use different format/codec than the Android videos
  • It’s impossible to find another correct file recorded on the same device that is required for the repair process.




4 thoughts on “Broken mp4 – learn about reasons and find a solution

    • Magda Post authorReply

      Hi Abhi,
      MP4Fix works if your videos are broken because of video application crashed, dead battery, lack of space. MP4Fix works very well when your files are corrupted but not deleted.
      Use some “undelete” Apps to try to recover the files from the internal memory of the phone.

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